distribution or pricing strategies

distribution or pricing strategies
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Case Study Analysis — Focused on distribution or pricing strategies
The case analysis focus should be on: the current situation/reality and defining the consumer market, competition, the industry, the influencers or environmental factors (e.g., economy, technological advancements, medical findings, cultural, legislative, political, and social factors, etc.), and recommendations for marketing next steps.

Using a minimum of 500 words and five references (do NOT include any textbook or blog in this minimum of five resources), select one of the two options below to undertake a case study analysis.
Remember that the textbook has a guide for analysis in its Section II and that there is also an analysis guideline posted on several locations on this course’s site
Option 1: IKEA – a case regarding distribution strategy — on p. 410
Option 2: Schwinn Bicycles – a case involving pricing strategy — on p. 506
Do not answer questions that appear with these case options. Only focus on researching and preparing an analysis.

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