National Political Prevention Scenario

National Political Prevention Scenario

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conduct an analysis of Al Qaeda planned and actual biennial attacks and patterns of operations that coincide with the U.S. national biennial political campaigns. The analysis anticipates that the terrorist organization desires to carry out attacks inside America and against Americans, as well as against American interests abroad.

formatted written narrative that details your findings
and conclusion

You must research, gather, and collect the following detailed and specific information for each separate and distinct actual and planned attack listed in the National Political Convention Scenario

Your Conclusion must include your identified commonalities and any discerned patterns of
operations in the actual, planned and failed attacks. Your briefing must be suitable for use in planning and preparing future security and counterterrorism activities associated with future National Political Conventions.

Your research and written narrative must rely upon a minimum of six separate and distinct sources, and at a minimum address and include each of the twelve incidents listed in the National Political Convention Scenario Paper

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