1. CONFOUNDING FACTORS Defin” rel=”nofollow”>ine “confoundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing factors” and identify extraneous causes that explain” rel=”nofollow”>in, in” rel=”nofollow”>in whole or part, changes to a problem or population that may bias the measurement of the program or
policy prior to considerin” rel=”nofollow”>ing research designs. Provide measures that can be taken to min” rel=”nofollow”>inimize the risk of in” rel=”nofollow”>incurrin” rel=”nofollow”>ing confoundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing factors. (33 poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints)
2. OUTCOME MEASURES In an effort to determin” rel=”nofollow”>ine whether an in” rel=”nofollow”>intervention has an impact, the researcher must establish adequate measures. In doin” rel=”nofollow”>ing so, distin” rel=”nofollow”>inguish between the concepts of validity and
reliability in” rel=”nofollow”>includin” rel=”nofollow”>ing design effects that can threaten both. Report on a technique that can be used to test the value of each concept. (33 poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints)

3. RESEARCH DESIGNS Research designs are constructed to test how data will be collected in” rel=”nofollow”>in order to measure the impact of a program. Quasi-experimental designs are strong constructs for testin” rel=”nofollow”>ing
cause-and-effect relationships. In testin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for a change in” rel=”nofollow”>in the behavior of in” rel=”nofollow”>individuals released from prison, propose a research design and describe how you would use it to measure the impact of
this type of program. (33 poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints)
An assessment of the RSAT program at the “shake-down” stage poin” rel=”nofollow”>inted out many difficulties at virtually every stage of the “Planned Change” approach to implementation. Issues such as property
management, procurement regulations, aftercare treatment, adequate resources and the scope of the evaluation were cited as deficiencies. Faced with these problems, how you would explain” rel=”nofollow”>in to the
fundin” rel=”nofollow”>ing authority a mid-implementation adjustment strategy to preserve realistic goals and objectives of the program.

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