Monitor and review operational

Background to scenario

The BBQfunBoard of Directors and the CEO have decided to implement an e-commerce strategy to main” rel=”nofollow”>intain” rel=”nofollow”>in or
in” rel=”nofollow”>increase market share and revenue and satisfy customer needsin” rel=”nofollow”>in lin” rel=”nofollow”>ine with company strategic directions.
You have been hired asan external consultant to manage operational plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing activities for BBQfun’s e-commerce
Underthestrategy,BBQfunwouldofferallproductsin” rel=”nofollow”>inanonlin” rel=”nofollow”>inestore.Stockcouldbestoredatnoextracostat
existin” rel=”nofollow”>ingstores.Customerswouldcoverdeliverycosts.
The BBQfun website now has e-commerce functionality. The website has been redeveloped to in” rel=”nofollow”>incorporate this
functionalityin” rel=”nofollow”>inlin” rel=”nofollow”>inewithrelevanttechnicalspecificationsafteryouconsultedwithspecialistmanagers.Existin” rel=”nofollow”>ing
in” rel=”nofollow”>infrastructure, such as office and store configurations, has been adapted to the new strategy. Additionally, assets
such as delivery vehicles have been acquired. New staff has been recruited and existin” rel=”nofollow”>ing staffretrain” rel=”nofollow”>ined or in” rel=”nofollow”>informed
ofthe e-commerce strategy and associated operational and performance targets.
Allresourcin” rel=”nofollow”>ing should have been acquired and operations undertaken in” rel=”nofollow”>in accordance with relevant external standards,
such aslegislation and codesofpractice,and in” rel=”nofollow”>internal standards, such asorganisational policiesand proceduresand

Scenario task
plan monitorin” rel=”nofollow”>ing activities for ongoin” rel=”nofollow”>ing customer service activities, website main” rel=”nofollow”>intenance, and
revenue generation over the fin” rel=”nofollow”>inancial year from the start of implementation.
analyse performance data for the second quarter of the fin” rel=”nofollow”>inancial year.
coach an underperformin” rel=”nofollow”>ing employee in” rel=”nofollow”>in accordance with the BBQfun performance
managementpolicyandpreviouslydevelopedcontin” rel=”nofollow”>ingencyplannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing(theplannin” rel=”nofollow”>ingdeveloped forAssessmentTask1).

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