Monitor and review operational

Background to scenario

The BBQfunBoard of Directors and the CEO have decided to implement an e-commerce strategy to maintain or
increase market share and revenue and satisfy customer needsin line with company strategic directions.
You have been hired asan external consultant to manage operational planning activities for BBQfun’s e-commerce
The BBQfun website now has e-commerce functionality. The website has been redeveloped to incorporate this
infrastructure, such as office and store configurations, has been adapted to the new strategy. Additionally, assets
such as delivery vehicles have been acquired. New staff has been recruited and existing staffretrained or informed
ofthe e-commerce strategy and associated operational and performance targets.
Allresourcing should have been acquired and operations undertaken in accordance with relevant external standards,
such aslegislation and codesofpractice,and internal standards, such asorganisational policiesand proceduresand

Scenario task
plan monitoring activities for ongoing customer service activities, website maintenance, and
revenue generation over the financial year from the start of implementation.
analyse performance data for the second quarter of the financial year.
coach an underperforming employee in accordance with the BBQfun performance
managementpolicyandpreviouslydevelopedcontingencyplanning(theplanningdeveloped forAssessmentTask1).

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