Critical analysis for three environmental theories

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provide a critical analysis between three environmental theories (Biophilic design, Permaculture , and Resilience) to show:
1- the (contested issues between those theories or what are their pros and cons for each theory).
2- Draw recommendations after analysing of all these theories that will help to construct a module that has the following criteria ( a-Easy for undergraduate students to understand, b-Can be
applied in a class to motivate participatory and group work activities among students. c- Encourage students to to solve complex issue without relying on the teacher. d- Motivate creativity in
order to give students more freedom to think in different ideas or approaches without restrain them with one type of mind set (usualy defined by the teacher). e- Make student appreciate the
environment or ecology into their thinking and learning). f- Finaly making students take what they have learned further into their own specialities and preferences.). Thank you.

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