Regulations and Ethics

Coursework #1: Regulations and Ethics

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“Lecture 6: my concerns about the coursework” carefully. All reference you need is in” rel=”nofollow”>in Semin” rel=”nofollow”>inar Pack 1 (This one), read all of the lin” rel=”nofollow”>inks and comprehend the theory.
Critical discuss a Busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness ethics dilemma (See possible question in” rel=”nofollow”>in lecture 6 RED WORDS )
Methodology: Teleological/Deontological/Existential Analysis
(See structure in” rel=”nofollow”>in the end of lecture6)
As the subject is on Busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness Ethics and regulations, please take really careful about Reference and Quotation of theory and Acts.
NOT a philosophical debate, BUT busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness area ethics issue!

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