Business Studies – Human Resource Management

PILLSTOP (London) is the headquarters of the company that has branch offices in” rel=”nofollow”>in Mexico, Japan, Alaska and Madagascar.

The Chief Executive wants to main” rel=”nofollow”>intain” rel=”nofollow”>in the multicultural composition of PILLSTOP and has tasked you, the HR Director, with recruitin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the two new employees – a research chemist and a team manager for the sales division

Bearin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in min” rel=”nofollow”>ind Equal Opportunities legislation and Non-Discrimin” rel=”nofollow”>ination legislation, you must advertise the posts both in” rel=”nofollow”>internally, nationally and in” rel=”nofollow”>internationally.

1. Draw up and design an advert for each position.

2. Draw up and design a Person Specification for each position (for the company to use).

3. Draw up and design a Job Description (to send to the short listed candidates for each position).

4. List questions which you might ask in” rel=”nofollow”>in in” rel=”nofollow”>interviews for each position.

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