Ethics and governance

Order Description
Evaluate the corporate governance structures and mechanisms in place for ALS Ltd ASX listed company as disclosed in the company’s most recent annual report.

Ensure that you:
(i) Analyse the strengths of the structures and mechanisms;
(ii) Identify any weaknesses in governance; and
(iii) Comment on the extent of compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2010 amendments.

Question 2

Examine the most recent sustainability report from ALS Ltd company.
Describe and evaluate the following elements in this report:

(i) Evidence that sustainability is a critical part of the company’s mission, and motivations for issuing a sustainability report.
(ii) The scope of the sustainability report.
(iii) Attempts to address the GRI content and quality principles, if applicable.
(iv) Key achievements in sustainability initiatives.
(v) Main findings in the assurance or review of the sustainability report by external committees, accounting firms or consultants.
(vi) Conclude with an overall evaluation of the report.

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