the Head of Department in a consultancy


the Head of Department in a consultancy firm, Beaver & Co Ltd. One of your employees, John Green, has recently undertaken a fairly straightforward consultancy contract with a client. Otter Industries, on their order processing system. The remit was to:
• analyse the current system
• make recommendations for improvements
• give a suppliers’ list for software recommendations.

John Green finished the report while you were away on business and sent it without your approval, which he is not authorised to do. On your return you read the report and it appears to be very sub-standard.
Write a letter to John Green. Outline the problems with the report that were discussed in the conversation. (You will enclose a copy of the report with your annotations and comments, so you don’t need to invent any more details.) Although he has done good
work in the past, underline to him the gravity of this incident. You have decided that you won’t give him a formal notice of disciplinary action this time, but you will if anything similar happens in the future.


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