Environmental Scanning Report



prepare a report on public perception of a brand of your choice among the options below.A: Uber B: Netflix C: YouTube D: Xiaomi E: Baidu F: Tencent G: Alibaba Environmental scanning, also known as environmental monitoring, is research to detect trends in public opinion and in the socio-political climate of the organization. The following questions will help you to shape up your report. • Who are the organisation’ s relevant publics? • What does public opinion towards the organization and its products and services look like? • How do publics engage with the brand? • What are the socio-cultural, technological, or political trends that have impacted or might impact public opinion of the organisation? • What threats or opportunities can you identify for strategic invention by public relations professionals? You are required to draw on both primary and secondary data to support your report. Data sources include but are not limited to media coverage, industry report, policy documents, comments and discussions on social media, surveys, interviews, and focus groups. You need to provide details of your research design, cite secondary resources that you draw upon, and provide evidence of your primary research

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