Hobby and activity


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Choose a hobbу/activitу for members of your gender from the list below.



Men’s Activities:

Learn to Knit, or Crochet. At minimum, must complete a small project, i.e. scarf
Bead jewelry making (must produce 4 pieces/sets of jewelry, e.g. 4
pairs of earrings)
Digital Scrapbooking (must produce 4 pages)
Yoga/Pilates (must take 4 classes/sessions)

Women’s Activities:

Bowling (must bowl for 2 hours each week, minimum 4 sessions)
Car maintenance & repair activities (must complete 4 separate
activities over 4 weeks)
Model building (Must complete skill level 2 or above model type which
includes some sanding, glue, and decals/painting. NO SNAP-TOGETHER
Online Gaming – Word of Warcraft, https://www.warcraft.com (no
substitions) you can sign up and play the Starter Edition for free.


If you know someone who can teach you
Youtube videos
Michaels or Beverly’s crafts, hobby stores
Jewelry making – https://www.how-to-make-beaded-jewelry.com/
Knitting/Crochet – https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/learn-home.html
Digital scrapbooking – https://www.cottagearts.net/samples.html
Models – https://www.modelcartips.com/
Fantasy football – https://games-ak.espn.go.com/s/ff101/ff101.htm
Include EQUALLY the following three areas:
1. History and Current Issues for this Activity (1/3 of your paper)

a. Put your chosen cross gendered leisure activity into historical
perspective: Why has it been predominantly for the opposite gender?
How frequently did people of YOUR gender participate in the activity
in the past?

b. Put the activity into current perspective: how frequently do people
of YOUR gender participate in the activity TODAY? Are there any
current or recent issues around this activity that are particularly

c. What are your theories as to why there may or may not have been
historical changes in participation?

You MUST include at least 5 academic/news references for this section
to support your information. BE SPECIFIC.

2. Relationship to Class Materials (1/3 of your paper)

a. How or why does this activity fit into traditional ideals of
leisure for the OPPOSITE gender (e.g. history, biology, culture, etc?)

b. How does your experience with the cross-gendered activity relate to
class materials covered (e.g. feminism, biology, culture, media, etc)?

c. Why had you not participated in this activity before? What
constraints might you have felt or had?

d. You MUST include at least 5 class materials references for this
section to support your information. BE SPECIFIC. You can site
different week’s readings, movies, or assignments.

3. Reflection on your personal learning (1/3 of your paper)

a. How did this activity challenge you? What were you feeling while
you participated?

b. What insights into leisure for YOUR gender AND the OPPOSITE gender
were gained?

c. Would you participate in the activity again – why or why not?




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