Your practicum has spanned two courses and months of life and work experience. For this Reflection, consider how the
experiences of working at your agency and completing your coursework have affected your professional and scholastic goals.
In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:

-Explain the major professional challenges you faced in the completion of your practicum.

-Summarize and conclude whether your perspective has or has not changed from the beginning ofyour practicum experience.
Explain how your academic program (and specific courses) prepared you for this experience.

-Describe areas in which you felt unprepared and what you did to improve your knowledge and competency.

-Include positive and negative aspects ofthe practicum experience and what you have learned in terms of areas for future skill
and professional growth.

-Discuss how the overall impact ofthe internship experience has influenced your thinking about the next steps in your career.

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