Quality in Customer Focussed Operations




You are required to conduct a review of the literature in the subject area of Quality Management. Specifically, how the purpose of quality management systems is to represent and deliver the expectations of customers within business processes.

You are also required to use the ITO framework to describe two operational processes of a specific company and then identify shortcomings in one of the processes and propose solutions for the shortcomings identifiedments. amework to using the ITO rocesses . This should take the form of the improvement changes you would like to make. Finally, you have to discuss the challenges to implement the recommended improvement changes.



Establish the scenario for the assignment by selecting an organisation of any sector to focus your report on. Describe
a) Which organisation is it?
b) What are the main products and/or services provided by the organisation?
c) Who are the main customers?

2. (20% of word count)
Describe two operational processes that are needed to deliver those products and services to the customers. Use the ITO framework to map each of the two processes. The framework requires you to identify
¥ Input Resources
¥ Transforming activities
¥ Output products/services


Prepare a review of the literature on the subject of Quality Management as a reflection of customer expectations. Discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks describing the concepts, applications and benefits available to business in general and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen. Consider at least 8 journal articles no older than 10 years.


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