Lesson Plan Workshop



Lesson Plan Workshop

Paper details:

Use the model lesson plan included to create an original lesson plans on topics and grade levels of your choice. The lesson plan
must have to be from instructional area that you are interested in teaching (Spanish areas). Minimum 500 words.

Lesson plan headings/model

Lesson Plan Headings:

Subiect/Topic/Grade (e.g. Language arts/Synonyms/ llth this a sample)

1) Lesson Duration (Approx length of lesson in minutes)

2) Common Core State Standards: state requirements (New Jersey)

3) Materials (What the teacher/students need to have)

ti) Learning obiective(s) (Should be clear, concise, realistic, measurable and directly linked to assessment)

5) Assessment of prior knowledge (How will you assess what they already know about the topic. Only done with new topic)
6) Adaptations for students (Eg. .How will you adapt your lesson for students with special learning or language needs?)

7) Relevance (How will you make clear to the students why/ how the topic is important)

8) Motivation (How will you get the students interested/excited about the topic)

9) Procedure (Detailed list of what you will do and in what order)

10) Checking for understanding (How will you know if the students are keeping up with what you are teaching)

11) Assessment: How will you assess/measure if your learning objective(s) has been met.


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