company overview and analysis

company overview and analysis (company name: VICTREX)

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write an analysis on Victrex. ( overview, 2.economic analysis 3.industry analysis)
1. Company Overview: Company Description; Ticker Symbol; Business review (i.e. type of industry, summary of investments & joint ventures, revenue by sector &
geographic location if MNC company; Vital statistics; Board of directors/executives;
Major shareholders (e.g. Individuals, Board members, Pension funds); Recent significant news & events
2.Economy Analysis: Discuss the general economy; Economic life cycle; Focus on key macro indicators; Forecast and future expectations
3.Industry Analysis: Use of SWOT, PESTEL & Porter’s Five Forces to discuss the industry of the company; Industry life cycle; Macro and micro level of industry;
forecast and future expectations from an industry
P.S I have uploaded some samples if that helps. 🙂


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