Book Review of Secrets of Aboriginal Healing by Gary Holz


1) From an anthropological perspective, all cultu’al practices are informed by cultu’al
values (what society deems to be beneficial or right for their society)- Throughout the
text the reader is exposed to various approaches to healing that Aboriginal people
practice- We learn about Aborigine perspectives not just on how to heal an illness, but
also their worldview- Explain you understanding of how Aboriginal perspectives on
life in general lay a foundation for how they view and practice healing- 0-e-, their theory
of connectedness is a cultu’al beliefEflexplain what it means to them and then explain
how it relates to their understanding of health and healing)-

2) In the discussion on biomedicine we learned the basic premises and key featues
of biomedicine, (Biological reductionism, positivism, and Cartesian dualism)- Provide
specific examples of where we see rejection of these specific principles of
biomedicine in Aboriginal systems of healing-

3) In the article, “The road less Traveled”, we learned about how to categorize who
uses CAM by looking at pathfinder clusters derived from people’s life stories- How
would you categorize Gary Holz within in this frame? Be sue to qualify you answer
with specific examples from the reading-

4) In the discussion In what ways does Aboriginal healing reflect holistic principles
(here you should discuss the seven elements of the holistic health system discussed
in class lectu’e and provide specific examples from the reading that reflect those
principles, (i-e-, holism, emphasis on health promotion, etc-)

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