News articles analysis



Find three current news articles online, and analyze them based on the guidelines above

1. What is the title, URL, and news source for this story? 2. Is the story written in an inverted pyramid? Explain. 3. Is the article written in the active voice, avoiding the use of the word ″be″
as much as possible? 4. Does the article use any word other than ″said″ for attribution of news on the front page. 5. Is the lead (first sentence) thirty-five words or less? Did you find the lead
effective in giving you as much information as possible in one sentence without being overwhelming? Explain. 6. Answer the following questions about the article. If you cannot, note if it was
addressed at all in the article (ie, who is an unknown assailant, or why is uncertain at this time): Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? 7. Did the article start with a ″when″ lead? 8. Were the
sources cited? If so, how? 9. Did you notice any personal opinions from the journalist himself in the story? 10. Was the news article effective overall do you think? Why or why not?

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