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Define language and describe its rule systems;
Describe how language develops through the life span;
Discuss the biological and environmental contributions to language skills

Visit one (1) of the following stores – Toys R Us , Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, or any other good toy store that is close to you. You want a wide range of infant directed toys.
Your task is to look for toys for babies between the ages of 0-6 mths only. Remember this age range is specific and you may not find toys exact to this range but you are not interested in looking at anything beyond 6 mths.
You have read about and viewed videos on vision and movement in young babies and so your job is to
1) Contrast Sensation with perception and the dynamic systems view of development, then explain the following.
2) Find Two (2) toys designed for young babies that are suitable colors, pattern, and design, and meet infant vision capabilities in the first couple of months.
3) Describe each toy (take pictures and attach if you desire) – what it’s made of/what sounds, textures it has etc.


4) Explain how sensation and perception impact the toy’s use and say if you think the toy has:
a) High contrast colors, e.g., that are easy to detect, or if the color range is restrictive, too complex not complex enough etc. (See my additional slides for color vision in infant development)
b) Good design for vision or motor movement for development over the first 2-3 months.
c) Tell me if you think the toy is a good design overall or if you believe it has potential issues/weaknesses. (e.g., quality, sturdiness, sharp/rough edges, easy to choke on etc.). Compare and contrast the two items you have chosen.



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