Managing Health records in various environments



The health record is a form of communication between internal and external
stakeholders in the healthcare environment. Health informatics professionals are
responsible for managing health records whether in paper, electronic, or hybrid format.
Guidelines must be followed in maintaining records, including their storage and
destruction, and policies must be evaluated for their compliance with state and federal
A. Discuss how you would manage the use of paper forms in a hybrid environment in
order to maintain the integrity of the health record.
1. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of using hybrid records.
2. Discuss legal issues that may arise when using hybrid records.
B. Evaluate the attached “Willow Bend Record Policy” to determine if it protects
health information for record storage and destruction of paper and electronic health
records based on the following:
1. Your state regulations
2. Medicare Conditions of Participation
3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Mt (HIPAA)

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