engineering, engineering technology, and innovation.


1. Read and review our discussions in class related to the worlds of engineering, engineering technology, and innovation.

2. Read and review the State University entitled notes "Engineering and Engineering Technology – A Comparison"

3. Read and review the article from the American Society of Engineering Education’s (ASEE) technical publication the Journal of Engineering Technology
entitled "Engineering Technologists are Engineers"

4. Read and review the attached picture file from ABET related to the "typical job duties" of engineering and engineering technology degree holders

5. Create an original paper in MS Word related to the items listed in 1 – 4.

a. Discuss the main topics and important points made in each of the of each reading
b. Describe the areas where Engineering and Engineering Technology are the same, and where they are different as compared within the 4 items you read and reviewed.
c. Define how the two fields of Engineering and Engineering Technology are defined by "academia" and "industry"
d. Elaborate on how this info is directly related to your major you have chosen, and the implications of these ideologies on your future career.
e. Summarize your findings

6. The paper must conform to the following criteria:

a. Font = Times New Roman or Arial
b. Font Size = 12 point
c. Spacing = Double Spaced
d. Margins = 1"
e. Writing Format = APA
f. Length = 750 minimum word count and 1000 maximum word count (title page and references are NOT included in this word count)
g. Title Page with running header title, Class Name, Class Number, Class Section Number, Student Name, Date, and Instructor Name
h. References page that includes citations for the four items used in this research essay


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