Racial Tensions and Local Leadership



A failure of leadership at the local level in some communities in the United States has caused a rise in racial tensions that have manifested themselves in cities such as Ferguson, Missouri and
Baltimore, Maryland. These cities are typified as having large minority populations yet limited representation in positions of leadership and the local level. What can we learn from history that
can inform us on how people from various ethnicities can work and live together in harmony despite their racial differences?

In Cordova, Spain between 800 and 1200 Muslims, Christians, and Jews, despite their cultural and religious differences, were able prosper and get along with each other in all aspects of their
communal living. How did this happen? How were these different people able to get along for a period of about 400 years without major controversy? The project will be titled: The Cordova
Principles: How Ethnically Diverse Cities can Prosper Together. The student will conduct research on this particular period of time to attempt to identify the leadership principles and or styles
and methods that were in place that allowed for this peaceful period of time. Various meeting will take place during the summer.


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