Health Policy




Identify an issue of concern for your role as an advanced practice nurse and to formulate a potential policy change to address that issue.
There are many potential issues which can influence your practice setting or other issues which may negatively affect the patients with whom you work. All of the course reading will help you to
identify a topic for this assignment. You can think about the issue as related to your health promotion project. The policy you consider may be in reaction to the health promotion issue or
something larger that is still related to that issue. There are hundreds of possible issues, but here is a list of a few to consider: • Child and elder care • Civil rights • Domestic violence •
Drug abuse/addiction • HIV/AIDS • Homelessness • Native American and migrant workers’ health • Long-term care • ImmigrationAllegal aliens • Legislative issues affecting advanced practice nursing •
Barriers to practice • Access to care As you begin to work on the possible policy change, the following ideas and steps should be considered: • Definition and description of the issue • Exploration
of the background of the issue • Stakeholders • Issue statement or statement of clarity • Possible methods of addressing the issue • Goals and options for changes • Risks and benefits of the
changes • Evaluation methodology


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