Nutrition Project




Assemble the following group of teaching materials to use with young children. Each item should be ready to use and the group of materials should be organized for easy use in the classroom. Identify the ages of the children with whom these materials might be used. Every aspect of this assignment is to relate to teaching children about nutrition. A. Four stories or books involving Nutrition. These books are to be books that can be used with children. Use the literature card format to provide information about each book. The format can be found in the resource area of your class. 60 points B. Two recipes for nutritious snacks to do with children, each recipe should be written in picture form. These should be large enough so that children will easily be able to follow them. Use the rebus symbols, large lettering, and bright and colorful presentation. Be creative!!!! 30 points C. Complete two detailed lesson plans which can be games or activities. Provide detailed information and any props to be made or lists of props to gather. Use the lesson plan found in the resource area of your class. 30 points D. Four finger plays or songs which should include the words, finger action desсrіptions, and the tune the finger play or song is to be sung to. Use finger play card format found in the resource areas of your class.


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