Forensic Photography




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Case analysis on presentation of evidence in court
• Analyze the video where a criminal scene is presented and perform a written work. Video recommendations
the Forensic Science in Action: From Crime Scene to Courtroom (full video)
or Incriminating Evidence: Forensic Specialists in Action (full video)
• To carry out the written work, take into account the following:
o Determine what pictures you would take at the crime scene and describe how you would present the photos in court. Remember that the description must be relevant to the selected video.
o You must select five pictures of the crime scene. Describe the photographs you selected from the crime scene and describe their appearance before a court. It takes into account the purpose of forensic photography in that particular scene, as well as the different photographs of the same evidence from different planes or views and their purpose in court.
o Write two or more double-spaced pages in a Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New, size 12 font.





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