Environmental studies and Forestry


Environmental studies and Forestry


Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency
Compared to residential energy , the industrial/commercial sector is the largest energy consuming sector of our economy, using over 50% of total US energy. In
addition, the combined industrial and commercial sectors are responsible for almost half of the total US greenhouse gas emissions at 46%.
We have discussed in this lesson the many ways companies are saving money by conserving energy. Energy efficiency is also a key business strategy being used to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.

For this lesson, we want to give you a chance to do some of your own research on ways businesses can implement energy efficiency practices. The following website was
put together by an energy utility (UGI Gas and Electric) and gives information on energy use for various business sectors and where energy savings can be achieved:

For this writing assignment, select one industry sector from the website above to explore (such as manufacturing, dry cleaning, healthcare, etc). Provide the following
information in your own words in paragraph form. You are welcome to do some additional research–if so, give us the title and URL.

Your industry sector choice
A brief description of this industry’s operations and products/services.
A summary of the energy consumed for the sector you chose, including which sector operations use most of the energy (quantify this).
A description of the short and long term ideas provided for saving energy.
Something new or interesting you learned from reading through this material.
Target 200-250 words. need the URL

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