DOD and USNORTHCOM contributions to defeating transnational terrorism with a US domestic presence


Critically analyze the contributions that the DOD in general, and USNORTHCOM in particular, can make toward defeating transnational terror organizations with a domestic US presence. (about a paragraph or two on each of the issues below)
Address how the DOD and USNORTHCOM can most effectively collaborate with partner agencies (such as DOJ and DOS, but not just those two) in the interagency to avoid inefficiencies, achieve unity of purpose and unity of command, etc.
Address in general terms how DOD and USNORTHCOM should be organized and operate to challenge the threats of transnational terrorism.
Address the Posse Comitatus Act and demonstrate ways of having DOD and USNORTHCOM adhering clearly to the act while still making contributions of full value in keeping with the capabilities of the US military.

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