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Assignment Topic #1:

Start by choosing a US firm that produces Chipotle BBQ sauce (preferably small to medium sized company) that may or may not already be exporting. This company must be one that specialises in tangible products (not services) under its own brand name. Imagine that this company is interested in exporting one of its products (or a specific product line) to a new export market – Australia. Your task is to act as this company’s export consultant.



a. Discuss the export readiness of your chosen company. In your report, you must explain why this company is ready to commence exporting to a new foreign market.
b. Prepare a critical but brief analysis on the chosen market – Australia. In your report, evaluate its suitability as an export destination for your company/product.
c. Assess export planning guidelines and propose relevant strategies. You will need to:-
• Propose and explain in detail your export entry method and strategy
• Identify any logistics issues that the company will likely face with this product and explain how these will be managed
• Identify any regulatory requirements and potential challenges for export entry to the chosen market
• Propose an export implementation schedule

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