Philosophical Essay


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In a 1,500 word essay respond to ONE of the following:
1. Critically discuss this claim: “Religion is completely irrelevant for morality. Neither the
authority of moral values nor the motivation to act morally has anything to do with the
existence of God”.
2. Critically discuss this claim: “We ought to adopt a normative principle of uncritical
tolerance towards the moral beliefs and practices of other cultures”.
3. “Which theory of normative ethics considered in this unit (i.e. Social Contract Theory,
Utilitarianism or Kantian Ethics) provides the most satisfying account of morality? Why?”
4. “Pick a contemporary example of perceived injustice, such as international inequality
or closed borders. Critically discuss this chosen example by drawing on Rawls’s theory of
5. Critically discuss this claim: “Justice requires that whoever can afford to fix the
problems caused by climate change should pay to fix them, no matter who caused those
problems in the first place.”

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