Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis

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Item title: Critical Analysis
Length: 1500 words (quotes, citations, references and Reference List not included; 10% over or under 1500 words – not including quotes – is allowable)

Karen Hands talks about Critical Analysis Duration: 3:42

assignment is a written critical analysis of one scholarly article. You must select this article from those provided in the Readings and Topic List folder (left hand side menu or below). If you have followed and completed the weekly tasks, by Week 6 you will have a good idea of the topic you are interested in and the article you will use as your subject.

The assessment task requires that you apply the critical thinking skills presented in the first two modules of the course to your subject article, using two independently located scholarly articles as sources of evidence to analyse and evaluate the subject article’s key arguments. The assignment is 1500 words in length and must be formatted according to the compulsory section headings (I’ll attach a document with these headings on it)

Guidelines for completing the Critical Analysis assignment are provided in the tutorial content for Weeks 6, 7, & 8.

review the content from Weeks 4 & 5 to support the referencing in your assignment – it is essential that this is completed to a satisfactory standard.

From the list of resources used in your subject article, select two appropriate (scholarly or authoritative) resources to examine further. locate these resources using the library search function. read these sources as you will need to demonstrate your analytical skills, critically examining your subject article’s use of these sources to inform their argument.


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