Read: Changing the Presidency (50 points)  Using the informational links provided above, write a 1000 word response to the following statement:During the Jacksonian Era, politics, society, and the economy were fundamentally altered. response should specifically refer to information in the articles linked
above and information from book chapter 10.

Read:  Age of JacksonUsing the information provided in the articles, answer the questions below. Be thorough and complete.  Type your answer in the space below the question. (40 points) Election of 1824:1.  Which candidate won the popular vote in the election of 1824?
2.  Why wasn’t one of the candidates awarded the presidency after voting took place?
3.  In the case of a close vote, what happens?
4.  Why didn’t Henry Clay like Andrew Jackson?
5.  What position was Clay appointed to in the Adams administration and how was this viewed by Jackson supporters?


Tarriff of 1832 and Clay’s Compromise:1. How was the tarriff of 1832 different from the tariff of 1828?
2.  How did Jackson respond to the threat of nullification?
3.  What was the Compromise Tariff of 1833?

Native Americans & The New Republic/Indian Removal Act (50 points)Read the two articles titled above. Imagine that you are a Native American living in the 1800’s.  List your grievances against the U.S. government (at least 5) and
propose a solution to the issue (2 paragraph minimum).


Presidential Achievement – Page 6As you watch the videos on each of the presidents, fill out the chart below. (30 points):
President Party Years in Office Two Important events that occured and had an impact on their presidency1. Adams 2. Jackson 3. van Buren 4. Harrison 5. Tyler

Book: it All Up Chapter 10 Questions – Using the information provided in the chapter, answer the questions below. Be thorough and complete.  Each answer should be at least 2
paragraphs.  Type your answer in the space below the question. (20 points)
1. Was there necessarily a connection between the growth of democracy and the emergence of disciplined political parties? Or did they just happen at the same time?
Explain your answer.



2. How did the ideology of the Whigs differ from that of the Working Men’s Party? From that of the Jacksonian Democrats?


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