Product Manger Quiz

The following post has two questions;

1.Product Manger Quiz

1. Data analysis
a. Play around PicCollage and list out the user path in steps as the main funnel we should track for the app.
b. What would you do if you see a drop from this funnel?

2. User reviews and Product roadmap
a. Summarize the English reviews of PicCollage on Google Play and App Store by listing the top 3 features users request and top 3 issues users currently have now.
b. Make a proposal of product changes based on your findings from user reviews. Please clarify the priority for the changes.

3. Product Design
a. What’s your favorite app? And why?
b. Based on your user experience, please clarify your pain points and draw out ideas for this app to solve the problems.

2.Child Life Specialist

Choose a topic or concept that is particularly interesting to you and explain why it is interesting. This paper will have two parts, research/discussion and reflection

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