Engineering design process

The following post has two assignments;

1.Engineering design process

1.What are the phases of the engineering design process ?
2.Explain the cost impact of design errors?
3.Explain very briefly The NASA Design Approach? (alternate engineering design approaches.)
4.What is the difference between design verification and validation ? (explain each one of them, review fig 5.2, table 5.3) and explain very briefly the five common verification methods ?
5.Evaluate a design with the use of a test verification matrix.
6.Implement the engineering design process with your team. (what are the six-step design approach, explain very briefly)?
7. Explain very briefly the components of the product, process, or system lifecycle. (What are the eight components?
8. What does table 6.1 is about?
9. What are the capstone team issues?
10.Explain at least 4 ideas for a team capstone project mentioned in the chapter?
11. What are the elements of a successful project, explain each one in short sentences ?

2. Disigning a Digitally Native Vertical Brand.

propose and design an A/B test for any brand you select.
For a list of good candidates, I recommend choosing a Digitally Native Vertical Brand.
Here’s the full list.
Part 1: Describe the A/B test you would like to run
A. Describe the set up of the A/B test.
o What are the specific elements you intend to test?
o How would you implement the test? Would it be a “live” A/B test or a pretest?
Why did you make this selection?
o What outcomes or dependent measures would you use in assessing the
effectiveness of the test. How would you determine which version is “best”?
o What are the essential mechanics of the test? For a “live” A/B test, use the
Optimizely calculator ( to
determine a reasonable sample size for your test. How long would the test need
to run to achieve that level of traffic volume? What percentage of total volume
does the test represent? You will need to provide estimates for these variables.

B. Explain why the test you propose is important. What would you learn from doing this
test? What part of the marketing funnel are you addressing? What impact would the
A/B test have for the brand? Additionally, if you have any predictions about the results
of your A/B test, indicate this in the discussion. Be sure to include in your discussion
what downstream objectives are achieved through the A/B test you propose. If your
test affects sales/revenue, be sure to clearly explain the logic for how and why the
results of your test would impact a substantive business decision. This does not need to
be a dollar figure amount, rather, I am looking for you to justify the connection between
what you are testing and a substantive business objective. The critical element is that
you tie the test to some interesting and/or a substantive outcome the brand might care
Part 2: Create a mock-up of the A/B test
Develop a visual example of the A/B test you described. Use pictures, arrows, text boxes,
and other visual elements to annotate the example. That is, you should include arrows
pointing to key elements within the image and text boxes to discuss the edits,
enhancements, or changes you to described for the A/B test

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