Project management,Quality, Risk & Control

The following post has two assignments;

1.Project management,Quality, Risk & Control

1) Choose one of the following agile project management methodologies:
– Scrum.
– Extreme Programming (XP).
– Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).
2) Provide an analysis of the current literature associated with the methodology you have chosen, focussing your response on providing a description that covers the following:
i. What are the basic values and principles that underpin the methodology (are they unique)?
ii. What are the core processes associated with the methodology and how are they orchestrated?
iii. What are the management roles and responsibilities?
iv. How does the methodology ensure risks and quality are managed?
i. What are the limitations of this methodology?
ii. How portable is the methodology to other project environments outside of the software engineering industry?

2.Public private vs public animal shelters

Animal control services throughout the State of Texas are some of the most inconsistently managed funded and regulated services provided by government (cite). The two most common models are
public-private and public. The municipality or county contracts at least some responsibility to a third party in the public-private model. The governmental entity is responsible for all aspects
of the animal service functions including adoption and euthanasia under the public model.

The City of X contracts with the X Humane Society to provide sheltering services in a public-private partnership. As the coordinator of animal services for the City of X I would like to determine;

• Are the citizens and animals of X best served using this model?
• Is this the most cost effective model ?
• What would a the difference be in cost and services if the city were to create a municipal shelter?

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