Human Science philosophy,alignment and value practices

Human Science philosophy,alignment and value practices

The post contains two asighnments

1: Human Science philosophy and its alignment with my values and practices

Order Description
a statement of interest for admission into a master program. Include the following;
First degree in law in An Africa University 1997
First degree in Nursing, York university,
Work with a shelter as a shelter support worker
Work in the resource Team of a Geriatric hospital as a nurse, working on all the floors
Presently working as a public health nurse

2:Let the Right One in

1.Why is this scene important to the film?
2.What does the scene do to further characterization, narrative or the themes explored by the director?

watch the movie, you will need this link :

Molinder, C., Nordling, J. (Producers), & Alfredson, T. (Director). (2008). Let the Right One In [Motion Picture]. Sweden: EFTI.

respond in at least 75 words. use APA style with references cited in APA format.
Address open ended prompts related to specific images from the assigned films. provide original, analytical, critical commentaries, avoiding summary as much as
possible. cite examples from other films and detail connections to assigned readings.

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