The Project Approach

The following post has three assignment namely;

1.The Project Approach

1.Introduce the philosophy and research foundation of the approach. 2. Describe a typical day in this classroom and explain how would it differ from the other American approaches. 3. Explain
several learning activities for children based on this approach.

2.The Commission for Truth on Reconciliation

Order Description

Give a brief description of what the event is about, ,things that surprised you about it, answer with clear arguments 1. if you think the commission for the truth and reconciliation created in
2008 has achieved the goal . 2 if you think that Restorative justice is based on the traditional practices of the indigenous cultures why?. 3. and if you think Restorative justice practices look
ways to enable offenders to take responsibility for the harm they have done , how it work?.

3.Personal impact on the environment

Discuss how your personal impact on the environment, and your chosen profession’s impact on the environment and explain and illustrate a current scientific or technological process associated
with a resource used in your professional

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