Interprofessional collaboration in patient outcomes

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Interprofessional collaboration in patient outcomes

Does interprofessional collaboration make a difference in patient outcomes? Utilizing the Cochrane Collaboration’s (2009), Interprofessional Collaboration: Effects of Practice-Based Interventions
on Professional Practice and Healthcare Outcomes support your response.

2. Scenario business report

You are a member of the Human Resource Department of an organisation that shares a number of features with the organisation in ONE of the three scenarios that follows. Your task is to:
i. Choose ONE scenario and identify a real world organisation that bears some similarities with the one based in the scenario.
ii. Identify and research the sector your organisation is located in.
iii. Analyse the cause(s) of labour problem, primarily the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario. This will contribute to the rationale for producing a new role.
iv. Propose an additional role with the aim of solving the problem based on your understanding of the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario.
v. Articulate the human resource solution by creating an appropriate job profile/person specification followed by details of your recruitment initiative.

3.Past and Present Comparative Analysis

Social Policy Analysis of Section 8 Housing Program – compare past 1960 &70’s to present.
Include historical background of Section 8, what hstorical problems led to creation of Section 8, how was such needs handled in the past, legislative history.
Description of the problem that necessitated Section 8. What is the nature of the prtoblem, how wide spread, how many people affected, who and how affected.
Policy description. How is it expected to work, who will be covered by Section 8, How will it be implemented. Short and long-term goals. How will it be overseen, evaluated, coordinated? What are
the formal/informal qualifications to determine elgibility?
Policy Analysis. Do/have the goals of section 8 contributed to greater social equality. (Look at/google “How Housing Policy is Failing America’s Poor” and “Section 8 became a ‘Racial Slur’ and
compare that to “up to 600,000 expexted to apply when L.A. reopens Section 8 housing list after 13ys” and “Kansas Section 8 housing program elgibility guide”) try to show how what was then bad has
gotten better – what was adversely affecting the quality of life of those in the program is now contributing positively. Describe how the goals of Section 8 are consistent with the values of
professional social work, but note improvements that might make it better.

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