Red Rock Canyon State Park, California

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Red Rock Canyon State Park, California

Write about how this state park became designated as a state park. The history and background of this state park. What are the species, plant life, and any special characteristics (e.g., land
formation) found in this area? Are there any endangered animals? What are the threats towards this specific area (mining companies, congress, legislature)? Are off-road vehicles (ORV) allowed on
this park? How is the park dealing with threats and problems that it faces? Are there any other controversies that this park has faced in the past or are facing now in the present?

2. Palliative Care in nursing

Provide Nursing Care for Clients Requiring Palliative Care

3. Protectionism in the drinks market

address the following sections:
1. The tools of protectionism- outline various tariffs and other barriers that government can impose to restrict free trade
2. Protectionism in the drinks industry- give examples of existing restrictions on free trade that wine&spirits producers face today, draw examples from contrasting markets around the world
3. Conclusion and personal commentary- draw on the findings, speculate on how protectionism may create profitable opportunities for some businesses in the drinks industry

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