Risk management process.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Risk management process.

Define the risk management process.
Explain the role of risk management in the project planning process.
Describe at least two risks and their sources for the selected scenario.
Outline how risk management may mitigate the risks for each risk listed.
Explain how you would document the risk.

2.Project implementation

Imagine you are given the opportunity to propose and implement your own project using your skills, knowledge, and passion. Your project can be anything from a club on your university campus, a
community initiative or NGO, to your own original invention Please explain (1) What would the project be and why would you choose it, (2) How would you plan and implement your project, and (3) Who
would you involve and work with for help?

3.A film summary

write a film about a romantic or a sexuality Film

) Summarize the Film 2) Tell me why the film you chose was the one you picked. 3) Give a summary of the main female character(s) in the movie the actress, only the character. 4) Take a scene from
the film in which the female character you’ve Write out what you believe her response to the scene would be through the movie.

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