Design and Sampling

The following has two assignments namely;

1.Design and Sampling

Select a single-study quantitative research study article related to your specialty track and provide the permalink to the article. Then discuss each of the following items.

Identify whether the research study design is experimental, quasiexperimental, or nonexperimental. Provide the rationale for your answer.
Identify the appropriate representation for the research study article you selected using the nomenclature of X for intervention, O for observation and data collection, and R for random a
assignment to a research study group.
Identify the type of sampling (probability vs. nonprobability) that was used in the research study article you selected.
Identify one advantage and one disadvantage to the sampling type used (probability vs. nonprobability).
Identify whether there was random assignment to research study groups in the research study article you have selected.

2.Mini Marketing Audit

Working in teams of one (1) to four (4) people, select a physical good or a service product(already selected, please use coca-cola as the physical good). Write an essay on the way in which this
product is presented to a market segment through the use of the marketing mix.
Address the following questions:
1. Introduction: Briefly outline the company
2. What stage of the product lifecycle describes this product?
3. Which of the four main marketing strategies is in use here?
4. What customer segment does the company target?
5. What are the product’s features and benefits? What marketing theory is evident in the way this offer is made?
6. What are the company’s pricing strategies? Is this the best use of the marketing pricing theory and practice?
7. What promotional strategy does the company use? What improvements, if any, can the company make?
8. How does this emphasise the position of the product? Justify the positioning strategy for the product within this market with reference to marketing theory.
9. How does the company distribute its products? What marketing distribution theories are demonstrated through how the company delivers the product to the market?
10. Conclusion: Address if the company if making the best use of marketing it how it presents itself and the product to the target audience

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