Healthcare Ethics

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Healthcare Ethics

Part of the ethical and fiscal responsibility of a healthcare organization (11CA) is to be a good steward of resources, but HCAs may not connect their daily operations to this responsibility. Choose a specific type of healthcare organization for this assignment, such as a hospital, mental/behavioral health facility, long-term care, or surgery center. Generate a list of a healthcare administrator’s daily activities that could be considered part of this obligation. For example, waste management can be seen as just a business practice, but it has a larger impact. Provide examples and discuss ways that can improve administrators’ level of social responsibility in their daily operations. Consider real or potential ethical issues that may impact some of these daily activities as you write this list.

2. Television

Television has often been criticized as ‘mindless entertainment’, or as one F.C.C. Commissioner years ago
called it ‘a vast wasteland’, among other descriptions. Conversely, many viewers and critics praise the quality
of programming stating its actually improved over the years. In addition to well crafted scripts representing
some of the most prolific drama programs ever produced, television now has feature film production values
which rival many theatrical movies in terms of content and aesthetic qualities. Television is, by definition for
this discussion forum includes watching TV programs on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or
Hulu, among others.
Keeping those thoughts in mind, respond to the following questions:
1 – How do you feel about the overall quality of programming that is presently on network television? Is is too
homogenized, meaning is there a ‘sameness’ to programming? And what of programming do you feel is
overdone, if any?
2 – If you were given a chance to create a program for TV, what type and content would it be? Who would be
your audience (ex. women 18-34 or men 25-49) and why?
3 – Should the networks provide more quality, family programs? And the big question, would YOU watch it?

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