Risk Management Breakdown Structure

The following postbhas four assignments namely;

1.Risk Management Breakdown Structure

Risk involves uncertainty, the lack of knowledge of future events, and the measures of profitability and consequences of not achieving the project goal. Your organization has decided that to be successful in the global economy it must expand its supply base into China or another country approved by your instructor. This has become a strategic project for the organization.
Write a 1,375- to 1,750-word paper in which you address the following risk management items for this supplier global expansion project:
Describe the objectives and goals, tools and techniques, and organizational roles and responsibilities for effective risk management for the project.
Describe various information sources that may be used by the project team for risk identification.
Identify and describe the risk management documentation that will be required for the project. Examples include RMP and risk management log or register.
Explain the role of risk management in the project planning process.
Create a risk breakdown structure that outlines the organization’s risk categories.

2. English Renaissance

Write a paper describing theatrical developments from the English Renaissance in the following order: 1. historical/social overview of the time period. 2. status/function of theatre at the time. 3. Developments in performance style and direction. 4. A discussion of one theatre artist and their contributions to the development of theatre.

3. Effects of culture on service quality in international marketing

Write an essay paper on the effects of culture on service quality in international marketing: A case of Emirates Airline


Why do you think Prudence, a big city person, is so intensely interested in moving to a rural farming community? Why is she so enthusiastic about the environment and rural life?

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