Sunday School lesson or sermon on obedience or faithfulness.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Sunday School lesson or sermon on obedience or faithfulness.

Write a 1-2 page paper showing how these five steps fits into the need model for a Sunday School lesson or sermon on obedience or faithfulness.

? What are you going to use to seize the audience’s attention in the lesson plan?
? Demonstrate how to move the student from “felt need” (want) to the “real need” (must have).
? En sure you fill the need with the truth(s) of scripture and not your personal ideas alone.
? Meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric in the syllabus.
? Provide at least 1 outside source beyond the textbook, Bible and dictionary.

2.The four babies experiences

The four babies in the movie experience different social, cultural, and physical environments in their first year of growth of development. 1. how will the experiences of the 4 influence their socialization and maturation into adult life? 2. what life cycle differences do you anticipate among these very diverse experiences? 3.will their later life be influenced? in what ways? 4. in what ways are all 4 babies life experiences in the first year similar? use examples from the movie to discuss these questions reflect on your own experiences while growing up(feel free to ask me anything that you think you might need for this paper)

3.”Power Plays and the Abuse of Power in Health Care Organizations”

Suggest the major issues that you believe are the basis for most of the organizational power struggles within health care facilities. Propose a method that a health care facility could use to alleviate power imbalances within the organization.
Assess the importance of preventing power abuse within health care organizations. Propose two (2) effective negotiation approaches that the leadership within a health care organization could use to move situations involving power abuse to a productive conclusion. Justify your response.

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