Business law

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Business law

Respond to each of the following writing prompts accurately and thoroughly.1: John Smith wants to open a computer repair business. He has found a great location to lease. He wants to accommodate
commercial and private clients who need all levels of personal computer repair. He hopes to build his business so that one day he will have multiple locations in and around his city. John is
married and has three children. He and his wife will have equal ownership of the business. He will leave his job as a computer helpdesk analyst to start this business. He wants to fully commit to
building a firm that he can leave to his kids. He also would like to secure funding by maybe giving people small ownership stakes in his company in exchange for their investments. However, John
needs to keep things simple because he will operate the business by himself.What organizational structure should John use to start his business? Please write a report which discusses how the
business structure you recommend address

2.TED Talk on Biomimicry Dr. Janine Benyus

In this TED Talk, Dr. Janine Benyus introduces a new field of design and engineering that marries two seemingly different fields. On one hand, engineers are constantly faced with new challenges
that require clever new solutions. On the other hand, biologists uncover innovative adaptations in form and function in a variety of different species on Earth. Often times, the solutions to human
engineering challenges have already been overcome in some sort of living organism that has evolved some physical feature or biochemical pathway to deal with a similar challenge. Biomimicry is a
concept whereby engineers are able to browse a library of biological solutions to inspire their new designs.
TASK: Watch the following TED Talk video entitled “Biomimicry In Action”: https://www.ted.corriltalksianine_benyus_biomimicry_in_action (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
In your own words, give a definition of “biomimicry” based on this video. Don’t copy from the intemet – write this in your own words. What is the rationale that Benyus gives for why designers
should consult nature when seeking solutions to their design problems? Give THREE EXAMPLES of design solutions from nature that were mentioned in this video. For each example, state () the question
that the designer was trying to solve, (ii) the organism that the designer looked to for a solution, and (iii) how that organism helped the designer implement a solution.
es EACH aspect of John’s plans and goals, including the following: a.Starting a.Business b.Taxation c.Personal Liability d.Ownership transfer Note: In order for each section to receive a
satisfactory score, respond to each of the above prompts using a few statements each to explain specifically how each goal is addressed by the business structure you recommend.


Second person point of view means that the main character is referred to not as “I” or “she” but rather as “you”. It often uses the imperative form, which is like a set of instructions or
commands. “Wait for your brother and your mother to leave the apartment,” states the narrator in Junot Diaz’s piece. The second person is a tricky narrative form. The “you” is both the reader and
the character. It can be very compelling and relatable, or extremely off-putting and awkward. But a well written “you”, being both specific and general, creates a very intimate and interesting
perspective. Using the second person point of view, write a narrative piece. Pick a theme that draws on your personal experience or that you feel strongly about.

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