Empowering adult clients with health needs

Empowering adult clients with health needs

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1:Empowering adult clients with health needs: A holistic approach

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Assignment Overview

Part of the module summative assessment is to produce a 3000 word assignment that critically analyses the components of holistic practice relating to the bio
psychosocial aspects of care. The student is required to choose an ongoing or enduring health issue and explore 3 components i.e. – the pathophysiology, the
psychosocial issues and public health aspects:
1. Provide an overview of the altered pathophysiology.
2. Critically appraise the psychosocial factors that impact on behaviours that influence this condition e.g. Lifestyle, behaviour, culture, determinants of health.
3. Link to the Public Health agenda by exploring how this condition could adversely affect the health of an adult within the population of Wales
diabetes and overweight/obese is my risk factor


Learning Journal 2 will be based on the following three tutorial topics:
• Tutorial 2 Self and Identity
• Tutorial 3 Prejudice and Discrimination
• Tutorial 4 Attraction and Close Relationships

• Describe the theories, concepts and evidence related to your chosen subtopic;
• Draw relevant examples from work, family and/or your everyday life;
• Incorporate readings prescribed for the subtopics you have chosen, including the textbook;
• Refer to learning exercises from tutorials and content from lectures.
• Reflect on your learning as represented in your Learning Journal.
To complete your Learning Journal 2 you will need to:

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