Computer science

Computer science

Parnas describes several of his concerns for SDI project from a software engineering perspective. Identify those aspects of his position which you feel would apply
generally to work on large, safety-critical software projects. Relate those concerns to professional ethical standards if possible. Address the following questions
Parnas addresses:

1-What are the fundamental technological differences between software engineering and other areas of engineering; i.e., why is software unreliable?

2-What properties of the proposed SDI software that make it unattainable?

3-Why are the following areas of research not going to solve these problems: software engineering, artificial intelligence, automatic programming, and program

4-Why is military funding of research in software (and computing science, generally) inefficient and ineffective?


Short Reading Response #4: Brennan Williams and Gazelle Emami, “How To Make It As A Black Sitcom: Be Careful How You Talk About Race”

Link to reading: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Write a response to the prompt below that is no more than 250 words in length.


“Smart comedy does not end with ‘making fun’ of groups. Good comedy capably permits all of its subjects to turn inward, thereby exposing their shortcomings, strengths,
and eccentricities” – Robin R. Means Coleman

In “How to Make It as a Black Sitcom,” Coleman and others (cited in the article) describe what they see as the problem of approaching issues of race (and class) in
black situational comedies, which in this article refers to a sitcom that stars a predominately all-black ensemble. According to this article, what makes a black
situational comedy “successful” (ratings-wise) when it comes to its treatment of race or lack thereof? In addition, what is the source of racial comedy in most black
situational comedies and why does the article find that kind of comedy to be a problem? Lastly, briefly interpret Coleman’s statement (above) about “smart comedy.” If
possible, can you think of a sitcom that you think is “smart?”

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