The structure of eukaryotic cells

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.The structure of Eukaryota cells

1.1 Describe the structure of eukaryotic cells and identify the nucleus, cell membrane,
endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, mitochondria, Golgi body, Iysosomes and
chloroplasts from electron micrographs.

1-2 Estimate the size of cells and organelles from microscope study or photographs
1.3 Describe the levels of organisation in multicellular organisms and explain the
importance of cell specialisation with reference to a specific tissue.

2.1 Explain how the functions of the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes,
mitochondria, Golgi body, Iysosomes and chloroplasts are linked to their structure
3.1 With reference to carbohydrates, proteins and lipids

a) recognise the stmcture of the molecules,

b) relate the structure of the molecules to their function,

0) explain formation and breakdown of polymers.

2.Comprehensive Geriatric Biopsychosocial Assessment

Write a 5-6 page comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of an older adult and/or
a family caregiver from your field practicum or place of employment. Your assessment
must include: (1) a standardized assessment tool such as the St. Louis (SLUMS) or
Mini-Cog, Geriatric Depression Scale, Katz, Braden, Lubben Social Network, or other
biopsychosocial assessment instrument relevant to the needs of the older adult and/or
family; and (2) a DSM-5 diagnosis, if appropriate to the case; (3) assessment of
physical health and functional abilities including AOL and IADL capacity, and (4)
incorporation of a strengths perspective in the assessment- Demonstrate evidence of
using one formal assessment tool to gather your data-

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