Survey of Economics – Biblical Perspective

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Survey of Economics – Biblical Perspective

The Law of Process Read “The Law of Process: Leadership Begins with Eight Characteristics” and passage 2 Peter 1:5-11. After reading this passage, what leader characteristic do you find most
valuable? Give an example of how you have seen it demonstrated by leaders in your church or school. What Leadership Characteristic do you possess strongly and why? Read “Leadership Motive Check”
and passage 1 Peter 5:1-4. Of the motive checks listed, which one gives you the most challenge? What can you do to remind yourself to ensure it doesn’t take root in your life?

2.Psychiatric Mental Disorder and Physical Health Disorder

demonstrate how you can integrate your knowledge of psychiatric mental disorders, assessment skills and development of a treatment plan using evidence based psychotherapeutic approaches with
supporting rationale.

3.The associated clinical indicators of ARDS

1.What is the definition of ARDS? What are the associated clinical indicators?
2.What conditions did this patient experience that caused his ARDS?
3.Describe the major pathophysiological alterations in ARDS. What is the common V:Q mismatch associated with ARDS? What is the cause of hypoxemia in ARDS and how is it treated? What is the
clinical significance of static compliance? How is decreased static compliance demonstrated in the patient’s case?
4.Early indications of ARDS include hyperventilation and respiratory alkalosis. What is the interpretation of this patient’s acid-base balance? What is the cause of this imbalance?
5.What effects could PEEP have on the patient’s pulmonary and cardiovascular status?
6.What is the primary nursing diagnosis for this patient upon admission to ICU? (Diagnosis must include the “related to” and “as evidenced by”).
7.Identify the top three nursing interventions for this patient. How do these interventions improve pulmonary status?
8.What is the prognosis (mortality rate) in patients with ARDS? What factors increase morbidity?

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