Making the Difference

Making the Difference

The post has four asighnments

1:How people can work together to make a difference

2:What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem we face today? Why and how would you address this issue?

3:Define the Sociological Imagination and discuss its relevance to the field of sociology.

4: SOWK 421 WEEK 3

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(PART 1)
select one of the websites listed in “Online Resources” from either Chapter 5 on page 142 or from Chapter 6 on page 173. Write a 1 – 2 page paper, using the latest APA
writing style guidelines, that includes the following information about the selected site:

a) the overall purpose of the site,
b) the resources available to social workers on the site, and
c) how these resources can be specifically used in either the social work assessment of or the social work intervention with adults (under the age of 65) – make
certain to fully reference the site in a separate reference page and create three headings in the paper that match the three required areas of information.


Developing a treatment plan for an adult involves a different set of considerations than proposing treatment for a child or a teenager. Thinking about these three
client age groups, which client age group would you expect to be the most “resistant” to therapy? Explain your answer. Reflecting on this issue, how can a social
worker effectively approach and deal with this resistance to help the client move forward with treatment?

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