Children sex trafficking

Children sex trafficking

The post has three asighnments

1;Policy against children sex trafficking

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Health Policy course. A health policy is defined as:

a health policy is a statement of a decision regarding a goal in health care and a plan for achieving that goal.example, a policy to prevent an epidemic, a program for
inoculating a population is developed and implemented. Creating a policy about some health care issue. The health care issue I chose is Children Sex Trafficking. I
need a paper that describes how a nurse could develop a plan advocating for a policy for the national level advocating for a health policy against childen sex
trafficking. Why is children sex trafficking significant to a nursing profession and why would a nurse advocate for such a policy against child sex trafficking needs
to be discussed in this paper. Introduction that focuses on the reason why this topic was chosen- health issues and safety of children needs to be discussed. This
policy needs to be written as a national health policy. The signifiance to the nusing profession concerning the problem/crime of children sex trafficing and the need
for developing a policy at national level needs to be discussed. a brief overview utilizing 5 scholarly references that include the following components: discuss how
a health policy would eradicate children sex trafficking. Discuss interventions proposed by a policy that would put an end to children sex trafficking . discuss steps
take a nurse to advocate for a health care policy against children sex trafficking -be specific as possible to include steps specific to a policy in children sex
trafficking. Conclusion must recap main ideas, address oposing viewpoints and explain why a reader of this paper should align with your position against children sex
trafficking. Provide something to take away that will help the reader of this paper see things differently or appreciate children sex trafficking in personally
relevant ways. Try to call for action or overview of future possibilities of a policy against children sex trafficking. Paper should include an Abstract and references

2;Why Good Leaders Make you Feel Safe

watch this video first video reflection

Write a 300 word reflection on the Simon Sinek Video “Why Good Leaders Make you Feel Safe”. Explain how you can implement these ideas into your leadership style this

3: Administrative Panel Decision

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understanding that there are no facts or circumstances, past or present, or that could arise in the foreseeable future, that might be of such a nature as to call into
question your independence in the eyes of one or both of the parties identified above. Furthermore, taking into consideration the envisioned procedural schedule in
this case, our invitation is made on the understanding that you will be able to commit the time required to discharge your duties as a panelist and within the required
deadlines. Please note that pursuant to Paragraph 15(b) of the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (Rules)
(, a decision on the Complaint is due within 14 days of the appointment of the Administrative Panel.

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