Decision making

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Decision making

When it comes to decision making, which tool do you most trust to provide you with accurate conclutions: computer driven Big Data or human intution?

2.Business studies

Q1. A typical firm requires different information systems to support different levels of business operations, management, and planning needs. Describe the characteristics and the roles of TPS (Transaction Processing System), MIS (Management Information System), DSS (Decision Support System), and ESS (Executive Support System) in an organization.

Q2. Many firms today enhance business communication and collaboration by embracing the social business model. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Yammer, WeChat, and the customer rating/feedback systems on Yelp, Amazon, etc. are gaining more and more usages. Explain why engaging employees, customers, and suppliers so that their opinions are transparent/public could be beneficial to the business. What could be some possible disadvantages? What are possible issues or impacts to the involved parties?

Q3. Explain why TPS is the foundation for an organization’s information systems and must be built before the MIS, the DSS, and the ESS.

Q4. With the growth of the Internet, a global market is becoming a reality today. There are tremendous potentials to grow a business if you have a marketable idea. Study the following article by Cisco and describe what impressed you the most:

Q5. Identify a B2C (business-to-customers) platform where customers and the sellers (or service providers) could voice their opinions and concerns. Consider it is a collaboration of business and customers or customers to customers. Give an example to show how it worked for a better business experience. Could you suggest some changes or new features to the website so that the interactions could be more productive and further enhanced? Copy your answer and publish it on the Discussions in Chapter 2. If you have no idea in this area yet, try Yelp, Amazon, Airbnb, or

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